Unmasking Of A Monster; Narcissistic Sociopath in the family (Part 2)

First let me express my concerns writing this blog. As this is my truth, due to my line of work  this was not the first time encountering a sociopath. In every right they are terrorists. Unmasked monsterI’ve seen this behavior before many times.Backstabbers,liars,manipulators, emotionless, creators of confusion.While I am grateful I can put a name to the disorder, I would be ten times grateful if there was a cure for these monsters or away to be rid of them.But no…the best remedy is either have nothing to offer them ( say no to them alot) or  run, run fast and far.

My life came with it’s own share of drama and trauma.A myriad of disappointments, broken dreams and losses.I trusted know one outside of God and my parents.

God knows I’m not perfect but accepts me for who I am. He’s my constant help when in need and I don’t always give him the credit He deserves. But it was with His urge and protection that I feel the blows from life were softened.And I’m here still.As the saying goes “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

And as my dad put it I have been to deaths gate and back (many times actually). Clearly I should have superhuman strength by now. But it takes going through tests and trials for it to emerge.

My parents on the other hand though the relationship has been rocky and seemed to get better with distance they were physically available.As they were recently but as my life seems like it’s going great or I’m getting complacent something  or one shows up. And shakes up the stability.

What is a narcissistic sociopath? http://paularenee.wordpress.com/identifying-a-narcissistic-sociopath/

Like a death in the family you never how to react unless it hits home, realizing you’re related to a sociopath is the same.

Just when I thought he was out of our lives he returned. And the magnitude of crazy he brought with him was unparalleled by any I had seen.

It all climaxed when one evening after work my dad and I sat in the basement discussing my future plans. We were deep into the conversation when suddenly there was a somewhat distant voice coming from upstairs.

It was my dads’ cellphone. He was on the phone with X(we will refer to him as such) and was put on hold.

So it must’ve been along time cause my father forgot he was still on hold.

Anyway X made no hesitation to let his purpose be known. He claimed he was feuding with a friend from his homeland’s wife whose house he was cotching in. However,my dad had him on speakerphone and with an unbiased ear I could tell an act when I see and hear one.

He began to rant and say the woman was cheating on her husband and tried to play the hero by saying he told her not to.And the things he was complaining about seemed irrelevant but he heightened the drama with stupid things like the woman waking up at 3 a.m. He refused to eat from her. Everything he said sounded like rantings from a paranoid maniac. He claimed he would never introduce his children to this lady and then he claimed he was in contact with his friend who was away at school.The friend needed to concentrate and clearly it was selfish of him  to be calling him with the petty crap.

After a few minutes of listening to this grown man old enough to be a grandfather. I realized he was trying to get my dad to feel sorry for him and ask him to come stay with us.

I had never seen this side to him but I knew nothing good could come from it. This man had lost his mind and clearly my dad would regret not hanging up the phone.I got a bad feeling shook my head, motioning to my dad.Saying no, don’t do it.

But as usual my father  ignored his better judgement and repeated history a few days later by trusting another of my mother’s shady family members.

A few weeks later my dad reported that this individual had a job close to where we lived and asked if he could stay until he was able to get on his feet. Seemingly, he got tired of my dad not reciprocating his complaints about his friend’s wife and finally emailed him.

My mom implied that he might be coming. In turn I asked my doctor about if you find out a family member coming to live with you was a sociopath what  would you do. Her response was direct…run!

I called my closest family members for support and reported the worst thing to happen was going to happen. Hopefully, I didn’t write it into being but he was on his way and the last time he left a bad taste in my mouth.



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