The Unmasking Of a Monster; Narcissistic Sociopath in the family (Part 1)

The face of deception
The face of deception

As a disclaimer, I’m no mental health professional neither am I studying to be one but this blog is based on a truthful experience.

Recently a sociopath came in too close contact with me. And by with me I mean I didn’t go to him nor was I trying to be in his presence.But he felt and had the nerve to bring his sorry manipulating, disgusting self to my residence.

It all began while I was fresh out of my last job. I began staying with my family  getting support after a devastating experience and planning for my future. A few months and staying with my parents after living on my own for so long was taking some getting used to but it wasn’t unbearable.

Until by the way my mother mentioned a family member who I personally thought we were permanently rid off called claiming he had an interview in our state and wanted to stay overnight.Of course my initial reaction was…”yuck!” It struck a nerve.

All I knew of him was that he was bad news and after my grandmothers death I washed my hands of him and everyone of his minions (wife and kids etc…)

Anyway they announced his coming and that was it. Never have I been unfortunate enough to stay in close quarters with this individual but I had no choice. I heard bad things about him. That he was a complete moron,he mistreated my sister, my grandmother and my aunt and who else knows…

Well the day came and like the a**hole he was walked into our house when the door was unlocked announcing that a thief could’ve come in (faking that he cared) and upon seeing me asked me if I quit my job which was a very touchy subject I’ve never discussed with him. The nerve of this low life. I’m not up in his personal life but clearly he was up in mine.

Anyway he came stink of deception and what I felt like was a false exterior. I avoided him and barely acknowledged his presence.

He did his interview and acted like he didn’t think he got the job but dismissively I would say you probably did.

While I was coming  from my appointments, my parents, naive and ignorant to this dude left him alone. His presence was so unnerving that it made me jump. Little did I know that this scum would use this against me in his sick web of deception and lies.

Additionally, this monster seemed to be entreated by me and made a big mistake by punching me in my arm while I was unaware. It happened so fast I didn’t know how to react and he continued to walk without looking back.

Here I was fragile and getting over some life changing experiences that I was angry. It was assault he had no right to put his hands on me. But because I didn’t know the empty shell of a being I was dealing with I stopped to think.Because I considered him a neurotic idiot and didn’t know the depth to his evil. I was caught off guard.I wished I had said something or did something then. Because that might have stopped him from returning.My failure to act…I regret.

Never again.

He finally left the next day. I breathed a sigh of relief but little did I know this would not be the last I would see of this liar.

Beware the Narcissistic Sociopath

TO BE CONTINUED…Unmasked monster


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